How do i check my data balance for MyJio number

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Reliance Jio has taken the lead as India's leading medium destination with its massive knowledge packs and low value benefits. the advantages of Jio knowledge packs ar documented however a standard drawback that arises with Jio users is a way to measure Jio balance?

Smartphone users will set a knowledge limit on their Jio phones by exploitation Settings' to avoid overlapping the information limit shared with the mobile application they use.

You can conjointly check your Jio information balance each time you disconnect from mobile knowledge as you may receive associate SMS telling you ways abundant knowledge to use.

We describe here the assorted ways that within which you'll read the remaining, postpaid and postpaid Jio knowledge.

How to check Jio balance
1. a way to measure Jio Balance with IVR
To check your Jio easy lay balance, decision * 333 #.

Your Jio balance are going to be displayed on the screen.

2. a way to check Jio balance via SMS
One way to visualize your Jio balance is to send associate SMS - MBAL to 55333.

You will receive associate SMS to your range and Jio rating details. it's a free service and you may not be charged a similar.

3. a way to check the Jio rating with the Jio app
Download the MyJio app.

After work in, you'll check the Jio balance on the homepage itself in addition as details of the active arrange and the way abundant knowledge is left.

For additional data, you'll hit the usage check button.

4. a way to measure the Jio rating via the web site
Type into your browser and check in together with your range.

After work in, you'll see the Jio balance check at the highest of the page. to visualize however well the Jio system works, attend the My Plans section.

How to check the balance with Jio postpaid and paid balance
How to measure the balance paid by Jio and its performance
To know your Jio balance for a postpaid range, send SMS - BAL to 199.

You will receive associate SMS to your phone together with your postpaid Jio balance and also the legitimation of the package you're exploitation.

How to check remaining Jio paid balance
To know your Jio balance of paid communicating range, send associate SMS - 2 to 199.

You will receive associate SMS on your phone and your remaining Jio payment quantity are going to be charged.

How to check Jio asking system
If you would like to understand the small print of the Jio asking system you are signed to, send Pine Tree State associate SMS - MY PLACE 1991.

You will receive associate SMS on your phone with details of the Jio team program you're presently exploitation.

Here ar some helpful Jio USSD codes and SMS numbers to keep:

  • Know my Jio number: decision * one # or use this methodology
  • Know balance / speak time: * 333 #
  • See 4G knowledge usage: sms MBAL to 55333
  • Check the paid balance and its performance: sms BAL to 1991
  • Know the bill number: sms BILL to 199
  • See current tax rates plan: sms MYPLAN to 199
  • Activate 4G data: decision 1925 or sms from 1925
  • Check your balance: use the MyJio app
  • Cell Tune activation code: * three * 3 * one * one #
  • Deactivate Jio Cell Tune: * three * 3 * one * two #
  • See Driver Ratings: sms TARIFF to 191
  • Know the JioFi device's jio number: sms JIO to 199
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