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Not having a job means suffering through a 9 to 5 grind because more people (and companies) are leaning more towards work than home jobs to earn money online.

In fact, a study by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics shows that domestic jobs have increased 115 percent since 2005.

Why do we see this increase in these remote jobs?

Or beginning, most white collar jobs in the United States and other countries today require only Internet access. When you can have a video conference, chat and join anywhere in the world, it is not necessary to be in the office.

With high-speed Internet and video connections - many jobs do not require you to be there in person. Full-time and part-time jobs that require you to be physically in the office are phased out and are becoming less relevant.

Second, we live in a world of convenience, and more people are living at home these days. All it takes is an internet connection, and you can order food, stream Netflix, order products with Amazon two-hour delivery, and enjoy modern conveniences from a few decades ago.

I believe the days are not far when anyone can choose from home or any virtual location with their VR headset and apps like Virtual Desktop and AltSpaceVR.

Spoiler Alert: We are blending with machines, so until we get there, everyone enjoys the fact that we can use this technology to comfortably telecom in our homes and avoid office stress .

Additionally, job listings and job searches are very difficult, and job opportunities are becoming more competitive. With jobs in digital marketing and other fields, you need experience to gain experience, and take that power back from taking matters into your own hands and building a side income from home.

There’s a problem, though.

Even to this day, most articles about work from home jobs talk about the same low-paying strategy:

  • Online surveys
  • Coupon clipping
  • Home data entry
  • Call center work
  • Virtual assistant
  • Home customer care
  • Administrative assistant
  • Home customer service agents; customer service representatives
  • Most articles even featured babysitting as a tactic

What year is it – 1993? Have I been sleeping this whole time like Chris Farley with Hibernol?

Chris Farley Hibernol Meme

It is 25+ years later, so I signed through minimum wage, entry-level, work-at-home jobs to find high-paying online jobs that are the best for this century.

If you want to be your own boss with the best online jobs you can do from home, then let's start.

Disclaimer: Please note, this article contains affiliate links that can give me a commission at no cost to you. These are just the best online jobs and tools to use to succeed. You can read my affiliate disclosure on my privacy policy.

With most jobs, we spend our time for money. So the best work from home jobs helps you to make the most money in the least amount of time.

To start making money from home on your own time, here are the top 11 legitimate jobs from home jobs.

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