Outbreak of Coronavirus created havoc in the world, quandary in Europe, even during the war there were no such situations

More than 1,85,000 people have been infected in 159 countries of the world.

There is a worldwide outcry over the corona virus (COVID-19). Poisoned the virus from China. Then, through Italy and Spain, many countries of Europe. Things got worse till Iran. America also started doing trihimam-trihimam. But despite being the second largest population of the world, India has controlled it to a great extent. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1,85,000 people have been infected in 159 countries of the world. Statistics show that six countries in the world have been most affected by the corona virus. In these six countries, most people have died due to corona virus. These six countries are China (3,338), Italy (2,503), Iran (988), Spain (491), South Korea (81) and Britain (71). After Europe sealed its borders due to the deadly effect of the Corona virus, movement was also completely banned in France.
US President Donald Trump said that America is preparing for a long battle in the coming time. French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the citizens to stay in the houses for the next 15 days from Tuesday. He also said that action will be taken against those who violate the ban on non-essential visits and social programs. Macron said that the external borders of the European Union will remain closed for the next 30 days from Tuesday. So far, the worldwide death toll from the corona virus, which has spread in 145 countries, has crossed seven thousand, while the number of infected has exceeded 180,000. Due to the fast spreading corona virus in Europe, France has also imposed restrictions like Italy and Spain, which would have been rarely seen except during the time of war.

Spain and Russia sealed their borders on Monday, while Germany has begun a tight vigil on movement. At the same time, Trump has told American citizens that no more than 10 people should gather together. Along with the strict precautionary measures in New York and the capital Washington, the process of segregation on a large scale is going on. Trump is struggling to convince the public that he is taking full measures of the crisis. He has told the people that they should be ready for the months-long struggle against the epidemic. Trump said, if we do a very good job then people are asking for July, August. In the meantime, he also feared the US going 'towards recession' due to the virus. Donald Trump tweeted and said, 'The world is at war with a hidden enemy. We will win. A joint statement issued by Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States said,
At the same time, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tadros Adnom Gabrayes has appealed to investigate every suspected infection case. He said that the corona virus spread in China in December has killed many people worldwide and a large number of people are infected, so investigation of every suspected case is necessary. Meanwhile, more than two thousand people have died due to Corona virus in the most affected Italy in Europe. While Britain has spoken of stopping all non-essential programs and visits, Switzerland has declared a state of emergency. Germany has ordered the closure of all churches, mosques and religious gatherings as well as the non-essential shops. The Taj Mahal in India was also closed to tourists. In terms of population, the second largest country in the world has closed most schools and recreational facilities. Iran, the worst affected by the Corona virus in the Middle East, has also closed four major Shia shrines. Canada too has now closed its borders to all foreigners except Americans.

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