How To Download SBI Account Statement Online

If you are living in India, checking your bank account statement is something you will need to do almost every month. Account holders typically visit a nearby branch along with their passbook to get printed account statements. However, after the introduction of digital banking services by the State Bank of India (SBI), this task can now be done easily from your personal device. If you do not have time to visit a nearby branch of the bank and need your account statement immediately, you should read this article. 

Download Monthly Statement for SBI Bank Account

The state-run bank provides free net banking and mobile banking services to its customers across the world. To download your statement, first go to OnlineSBI and log in to your account: 

Right after logging in to the account, you must go to My Accounts > Account statement

If you have multiple accounts linked to the same customer ID, you will need to select one of the accounts for which you want to generate the statement. To select an account, just click the circlelocated at the left side of the account number: 

After selecting the account, you have to select a time period by choosing one of the four options given on the platform: 

You have to set the Start Date and End Date if you select the By Date option. If you choose By Month, you have to select the month. The Last 6 Months option automatically generates the statement for last 6 months. The FY (PPF Account) option is only applicable for customers using a Public Provident Fund account in India. 

After setting the time period, you will be given the option to download the file in two formats: PDF or Excel. The View option only allows users to check the statement in the browser: 

After selecting the file format, you have to click on the GO button to download the statement to your computer. 

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